Seminar 'Investing under the new pension system' - General

Seminar 'Investing under the new pension system'

What does the Wtp, the new pension law, mean for the investment policies? Is the choice between SPR or FPR relevant for the structure and management of the investment portfolio?

Will there be any room for an active and dynamic interest rate policy? Can we expect a shift in interest rate hedging to short maturities?

Will ALM studies as performed in current practice still play a role in the new pension system? Can current LDI products be used or will these be designed differently?

How do you translate the requested risk attitude into actual investment policy for the different age cohorts? How do you fill in the mandatory measures of risk appetite? How often and how do you rebalance?

How do you determine the level of illiquid investments, now and later, especially in the FPR? What challenges do you face?

These and other topical questions about the new pension system will be the focus of the educational meeting for pension funds on 'Investing under the new pension system' on Monday afternoon, 25 March 2024 from 1.15 to 5 pm (lunch from 12.15 pm) in Amsterdam.

The afternoon will be led by Evalinde Eelens, Professional Pension Fund Board Member and Internal Supervisor, Ravenna Consulting.

Several experts will share their views with you, including:

  • Rik Albrecht, Professional Pension Fund Board Member and Internal Supervisor, various pension funds, Advisor, Roccade Advies
  • Cees Harm van den Berg, Senior Strategist, APG Asset Management
  • Jeroen van Bezooijen, Executive Vice President, Head of EMEA Investment Solutions, PIMCO
  • Paul de Geus, Professional Pension Fund Board Member, various pension funds, Chair Supervisory Board, Pensionfonds Slagers
  • Tobias Hekster, Co-CIO, True Partner Capital 
  • Carl Kool, Head of Fiduciary Management Nederland, BlackRock
  • Philip Jan Looijen, Co-Head Fiduciary Clients Netherlands, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
  • Rik Maas, Senior Manager, Financial Risk Management, EY
  • Olivier Roodenburg, Actuary, Senior Manager, KPMG
  • Martin Sanders, Head of Pension Investments, AXA Investment Managers
  • Aldrik Venemans, Senior Actuary, Policy Advisor, MN

Participation in the seminar is free and open to pension fund board members and other (buyside) professionals involved in the investment policies of pension funds (or insurers). Your registration is subject to approval by Financial Investigator and the parties making this seminar financially possible.


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