Japanese GPIF and APG to partner on joint investment program to drive long-term value

Japanese GPIF and APG to partner on joint investment program to drive long-term value


Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) and Dutch pension investor APG have launched a joint investment program to gain access to attractive investment opportunities, with a focus on infrastructure in developed overseas markets.

This marks the first time that GPIF and APG, on behalf of Dutch public pension fund ABP, as its majority shareholder, have joined forces.  This collaboration brings together two of the world's leading pension investors, with combined total assets under management of over € 2 trillion.

The partnership will focus on investment opportunities that align with the long-term strategies of both pension funds to drive long-term value for their respective beneficiaries.

'GPIF has been increasing exposure to alternative investments (infrastructure, private equity, and real estate) in expectation of greater portfolio diversification, seeking to improve investment efficiency and further ensure the stability of pension finance. As part of our recent partnership with APG, we launched a joint investment program in the infrastructure sector. As the leading public pension fund in each country, we are pleased to be at the start of a long-term partnership with APG. GPIF will continue to work to secure long-term investment returns for the benefit of the pension beneficiaries,' said Masataka Miyazono, President of GPIF.

'We are delighted to partner with GPIF, as our shared commitment to long-term private investments makes this collaboration a natural fit. We believe that joining forces will help to address the growing need for coordinated actions from like-minded, long-term investors to deliver long-term value to our beneficiaries and the broader society. We look forward to collaborating with GPIF to achieve our shared goals,' said Ronald Wuijster, CEO of APG Asset Management.