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Financial Investigator

Year 15 - Issue 8

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Seminar ‘Biodiversity & Climate’

How to link and implement climate and biodiversity goals in your investment portfolio without losing sight of investment returns? How to take an integrated approach to investment solutions for the biodiversity and climate challenges?

What is the case for biodiversity as an asset? How can companies' impact on biodiversity be made measurable and tangible? How to verify and validate the quality of biodiversity and climate data and how to translate this data into investments?

How to invest in the energy transition (private versus public markets, equity versus debt, scaling up existing technologies or investing in new technologies)? How to deal with the negative impacts of the energy transition?

On Thursday, 18 April, from 12.30 to 5.15 pm, Financial Investigator is hosting an educational seminar on how to integrate biodiversity and climate goals in your portfolio while maintaining focus on investment returns.

The seminar will be moderated by Marcel Jeucken, Founder and Managing Director at SustFin, and will take place at ABN AMRO's head office in Amsterdam.

Top speakers will share their views with you, including:

  • Sophie Kamphuis, Advisor Responsible Investment, MN
  • Gabriëlle Krapels, PhD, Head of Fiduciary Management Responsible Investments, Fiduciary Department, APG Asset Management
  • Stephan Langen, Head of Portfolio Management, ASN Impact Investors
  • Solange Rouschop, Chief Sustainability Officer, ABN AMRO
  • Michel Scholte, Co-Founder & Executive Director, True Price
  • Vincent Triesschijn, Global Head ESG and Sustainable Investing, ABN AMRO
  • Anna Vӓӓnӓnen, Head of Listed Impact Equity, AXA IM Equity, AXA Investment Managers

Participation is open to buy-side investment professionals working for pension funds, fiduciary managers, family offices, consultants, banks, insurers, or working in the field of fund selection for independent asset managers. Your registration is subject to approval by Financial Investigator and the parties making this seminar financially possible.