Young Professionals on AI: Eloisa Menguzzo (PGGM Investments)

Young Professionals on AI: Eloisa Menguzzo (PGGM Investments)

Artificial Intelligence Technology
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By Eloisa Menguzzo, Advisor Responsible Investment, PGGM Investments


How can (generative) AI contribute to the transition to a (more) sustainable world?

‘The question demands an AI-backed answer! If you ask ChatGPT, it will lay out how artificial intelligence can contribute to a more sustainable world. It will touch on energy efficiency, resource optimization through smart grids and circular product design. It will also refer to the capability of AI to perform sophisticated data analysis that allow for more precise climate or environmental modelling.

As an advisor I have observed frontrunner companies leveraging AI for satellitebased data analysis, monitoring deforestation risks, and land conversion within their global supply chains. I am enthusiastic about the potential application of AI for a more sustainable tomorrow and I am convinced that this technology can be instrumental to foster sustainable innovation in many more ways. We are just at the beginning. That being said, we need to remember that running artificial intelligence tools is highly energy intensive and produces e-waste. So, here is a tip for those wanting a smaller ecological footprint: take breaks from screens, swap it for some nature time. While AI presents disruptive innovations for sustainability, fostering a more conscious consumption behaviour and embracing a slower pace of life are equally essential components of building a truly sustainable world.’


AI presents disruptive innovations for sustainability