Schweizer Kapital Group and Kingstone Capital Partners join forces for a new rigorous venture capital impact strategy

Schweizer Kapital Group and Kingstone Capital Partners join forces for a new rigorous venture capital impact strategy

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Umut Ertan (47), who owns the family office Schweizer Kapital in Zurich as a corporate investor, and Philipp Schomberg (37) as well as Dr. Tim Schomberg (40) from the investment company KINGSTONE Capital Partners, which specializes in real estate investments, have jointly founded the venture capital company Kingstone Schweizer Ventures (KSV). Their goal is to fund, through investment, those cutting-edge strategies within the impact universe that are particularly distinguished by their pioneering spirit and disruptive approaches.

"The challenges of the climate crisis are more than well known. With KSV, on the one hand, we want to advance solutions that have a far-reaching, rapid impact due to their technology and creativity, and on the other hand, we want to introduce investors to ideas that are outside the mainstream," explains Umut Ertan, co-founder and shareholder of KSV.

Based on its long track record, Kingstone Schweizer Ventures combines the values of a family office with the pioneering spirit of founders and its own track record as an institutional investor with combined assets under management of over 2 billion euros. "We have the highest standards when it comes to the investment approach and only support companies with clear scientific concepts and entrepreneurial ingenuity.

We have developed a keen sense for first-class founders and management teams," explains Philipp Schomberg, co-founder and shareholder of KSV. The company plans to take a holistic impact investment approach that is designed to have the highest potential for impact. In this way, the intersection of different scientific disciplines opens up previously untapped opportunities to solve critical challenges.

Alexander Hoffmann, KSV's Managing Director, has previously been Investment Director at M Ventures. He was responsible for investments in pioneering early-stage companies in the fields of healthtech, foodtech and deeptech and served on the board of companies such as Mosa Meat and Formo.

In its analysis of investment opportunities, KSV is supported by a scientific advisory board, which includes the pharmacologist Prof. Dr. Mark Post, Maastricht University and co-founder of Mosa Meat, the civil engineer Prof. Simone Stürwald, Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil and expert in building materials and sustainable construction, and the chemist and sustainability expert Prof. Dr. Herwig Buchholz, Merck KGaA.