About Pension seminar 'Climate and biodiversity: from ambition to implementation'

Pension seminar 'Climate and biodiversity: from ambition to implementation'

Integrating climate and biodiversity objectives within the investment portfolio is becoming increasingly important. Pension fund board member need to have knowledge of the risks of climate change and the transition to a climate-neutral economy.

The reduction of CO2 emissions plays an important role here. In addition, the loss of biodiversity is becoming an increasingly important issue. Some believe that implementing biodiversity in the investment portfolio is an even greater challenge than climate change.

On Monday 30 October from 12.30 to 5.15 pm the educational event for pension fund board members 'Climate and biodiversity: from ambition to implementation' took place at Achmea Investment Management's headoffice in Zeist.

The seminar was chaired by Peter Borgdorff, active in various organisations as a director and supervisor, and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lifetri.

Questions that were addressed:

  • How can the issues of climate change and biodiversity be approached as holistically as possible in the investment portfolio?
  • How to make climate and biodiversity objectives measurable in the investment portfolio?
  • What practical steps can pension funds take to reduce biodiversity loss?
  • To what extent does the theme of biodiversity offer investment opportunities?
  • How to decarbonise your portfolio while aligning with your governance and risk-return objectives?
  • How to effectively realise net positive impact?
  • How to ensure sponsor and participant commitment to your decarbonisation and biodiversity goals?
  • How can the economic and financial impacts of biodiversity loss be modelled and integrated into the risk management system?

Various experts addressed these and other topical questions, including:

  • Manuel Adamini, Director, Senior Responsible Investment Strategist, Columbia Threadneedle Investments
  • Eline ten Bosch, PhD kandidaat, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus Universiteit
  • Lucien Carton, Head of Solutions & Client Advisory, BNP Paribas Asset Management
  • Anna Czylok, Investment Strategist, Aegon Asset Management
  • Karin van Dijk, Fund manager ASN Biodiversiteitsfonds, ASN Impact Investors
  • Timothée Jaulin, Head of ESG Development & Advocacy, Special Operations, Amundi Asset Management
  • Simona Kramer, Portfoliomanager Socially Responsible Investing, Pensioenfonds  Rail & OV
  • Louise Kranenburg, Manager Responsible Investment, Pensioenfonds Detailhandel
  • Rogier Krens, CIO, Achmea Investment Management
  • James Malone, CFA, Senior Associate, ESG Specialist, PGIM Fixed Income
  • Lucian Peppelenbos, Climate & Biodiversity Strategist, Robeco
  • Caspar Vlaar, Independent pension fund board member, various pension funds
  • Frank Wagemans, Senior Engagementspecialist, Achmea Investment Management

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