The S in ESG: Arjan Ruijs & Marie Payne (Cardano)

The S in ESG: Arjan Ruijs & Marie Payne (Cardano)

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This article was written in Dutch. This article is an English translation.

By Arjan Ruijs & Marie Payne, respectively Senior Responsible Investment Officer and Responsible Investment Officer Sustainability & Strategy at Cardano

How do you interpret the S of ESG?

'Social considerations are an integral part of our sustainability policy. Currently, economies fall short on several social pillars, for example on inequality and access to basic services such as food, shelter, health care and education. This leads to social tensions and undermines the social license to operate of companies and authorities. These aspects play a central role in both our due diligence and our active ownership activities. For example: in our due diligence we look at how companies manage social and human capital.

The lack of policies on data privacy, product quality, or community relations can create risks for society and therefore for your own business.

Moreover, especially in times of labor shortage, it is important that companies take labor and human capital into account, both internally and throughout the entire chain. Companies that fail to do so may be excluded from investment. With active ownership, we encourage companies to take better account of social risks. We enter into dialogue with companies about social themes such as human rights, healthy food and healthcare. One focus area is a living wage, where we assess apparel companies through the Platform for Living Wage Financials.

This shows that we can find ways to measure and benchmark the S in ESG.'


With active ownership we encourage companies.