Global Impact Investing Network appoints Eloy Lindeijer as newest board member

Global Impact Investing Network appoints Eloy Lindeijer as newest board member

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The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) announced the appointment of Eloy Lindeijer as its newest Board member. Lindeijer is the former Chief of Investment Management and member of the Executive Committee of PGGM, the second largest pension service provider based in the Netherlands, which serves 4.4 million people with €250 billion in assets under management. 

During his tenure, Lindeijer spearheaded efforts within PGGM and the PFZW pension fund to lower the carbon footprint and quadruple impact investments to €20 billion in healthcare, climate, food security, and clean water. Their next goal is to commit 20% of the total portfolio towards investments that contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

“Increasingly, people are seeking ways to invest their money and retirement savings in a way that leads to a more sustainable world. Through his leadership, Eloy has demonstrated that pension fund managers can invest to not only support their clients’ financial futures, but also to support their desire to contribute to a future that is inclusive and sustainable”, said Amit Bouri, CEO and Co-Founder of the GIIN. “Eloy is an invaluable addition to the GIIN, and I am honored to welcome him to our Board.”

Lindeijer noted, “The GIIN is uniquely positioned to transform business models, the way we invest, and collaborate. I look forward to joining this great team and mission. This is all about creating a chain reaction: measuring impact on people and the planet, accelerating partnerships and best practices. As board member I will strive to strengthen collaboration between stakeholders – in particular, between asset owners and their asset managers – and contribute towards global sustainability standards, as the GIIN expands its membership and programs.”

Prior to his role as Chief of Investment Management at PGGM, Lindeijer held several executive positions at the Netherlands central bank, including as Director of Financial Markets, and as Head of Department for Payments and Securities, Export Credit, Monetary Policy Operations, and Reserves Management. As a central banker he worked on policy issues related to capital markets, financial stability, and monetary policy implementation. He was a member of the ECB Markets Operations Committee, the ECB High Level Monetary Policy Implementation Task Force, and the BIS Markets Committee.

As a pension investor Lindeijer has remained active in the field of international governance and standard setting. Most recently as member of the Bloomberg Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), the EU’s High Level Forum on Capital Markets Union and on an advisory group to the IFRS Trustees on the market consultation regarding Sustainable Standard Setting. Lindeijer also serves on the Board of the Van Leer Group and is an advisory board member of the TIAS Business School, School for Business & Society.