Tjarda Molenaar: Dutch voice in ECON Commission is crucial

Tjarda Molenaar: Dutch voice in ECON Commission is crucial

Tjarda Molenaar (foto archief NVP)

By Tjarda Molenaar, Director of the Dutch Association of Participation Companies (NVP)

Now that the European elections are over, we need to think about the role that Dutch MEPs can and should play in Brussels.

Recently, party leaders and party offices received a call from the Dutch financial sector to ensure strong representation in the Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) Committee of the European Parliament. I signed this letter on behalf of the Dutch private equity firms, because strong representation in this committee is necessary to safeguard our national and European interests.

The ECON Commission makes the difference

The ECON Commission is one of the most influential bodies within the European Parliament. She is responsible for overseeing the EU's economic and monetary policy, including the functioning of the eurozone, the banking union and the capital markets union. In the coming years, the committee will address important issues such as financing the climate transition, the digital transition and defense. Dutch MEPs have shown in the past that they are effective and committed in this committee, but the current representatives will not return. We must provide skilled successors.

Important topics on the agenda

The legislation that will probably be on the agenda of the ECON Commission in the coming years is of great importance for the Netherlands. This concerns, among other things, the development of a digital euro, sustainable financing, business financing and measures against online fraud. Topics such as the encouragement of retail investing and the revision of the Pension Fund Directive are also crucial. Each of these points directly affects the economic stability and growth of our country.

Why Dutch input is crucial

The call from the financial sector emphasizes the importance of Dutch involvement in these discussions. It is essential that European solutions are closely aligned with Dutch practice and that our interests are effectively defended. Dutch MEPs can ensure that legislation not only supports broader EU goals, but also takes into account the unique characteristics of our economy and financial sector.

Collaboration between public and private

One of the biggest challenges Europe faces is achieving strategic goals such as the climate transition and digital innovation. Collaboration between the public and private sectors is becoming increasingly important to bring together sufficient resources and knowledge. Dutch expertise and experience can play a leading role in this, not only for our own country, but also for the prosperity and stability of the entire EU.

Make the difference

In these times of political changes and economic challenges, it is crucial that the Netherlands has a strong voice in the European Parliament's ECON Committee. This is not only a matter of national pride, but also of economic and social importance. Dear MEPs: in the ECON Committee you can make a difference. We wish you much success!

This article contains a personal opinion from Tjarda Molenaar.