Round Table Low Carbon Investing

Low Carbon Investing: Is it a hype or is it here to stay? And what triggers the interest in Low Carbon Investing? The participants of the Round Table Low Carbon Investing share their views in front of the camera.

Speakers are Erik-Jan Stork (APG Asset Management), Thibaud Clisson (BNP Paribas IP), Karlijn van Lierop (MN), Tim Kruis (Amundi), John McKinley (BlackRock), Karen Wong (Mellon Capital Management) and Theo Clément (UBS Asset Management).

The Round Table Low Carbon Investing took place on November 1st, 2016 in Amsterdam. Six experts shared their views on Low Carbon Investing, moderated by Erik-Jan Stork (APG Asset Management). The write-up of the Round Table will follow in the December issue of Financial Investigator that will be published on December 15.


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