November 9: Seminar Disruptive Innovation & Long Term Investing

Seminar Disruptive Innovation & Long Term Investing
November 9, 9am – 5.15pm
Rosarium, Amsterdam

Current economic and investment trends will change the investing landscape over the next two decades and we are at a turning point which presents huge risks as well as opportunities to investors. During the seminar questions will be answered like:

  • What are the opportunities & challenges that society is currently facing?
  • What are the challenges that investors are currently facing and how to translate these challenges into a long term investment policy?
  • How does disruptive innovation influence Long Term Investing?
  • How to take advantage of disruptive forces like climate change, big data, internet of things and blockchain?

Please mark your calendar and join us at our seminar on Disruptive Innovation & Long Term Investing on Thursday November 9, 2017 from 9am until 5.15pm, followed by a networking reception. Top speakers will share their views with you via plenary presentations as well as via various breakout sessions that can be chosen from.

Gerald Cartigny (CIO and Member of the Managing Board, MN) will be chairing this event. Key note speakers will include:

  • Joachim Fels (Global Economic Advisor, MD, PIMCO)
  • Jaap van Dam (Principal Director Investment Strategy, PGGM)
  • Lars Dijkstra (CIO, KCM)
  • Prof. Dr. Rob de Wijk (Director The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, Strategic Advisor The Hague Security Delta, Chairman Holland Space Cluster, Professor of International Relations, University of Leiden)
  • Paras Anand (CIO Equities, Europe, Fidelity)
  • Thorsten Neumann (Head of Quant & Risk Management, Union Investment)
  • Alexandre Mouthon (Senior Product Specialist Thematic Equities, Pictet)
  • Nick Blake (Head of Marketing and Product, Vanguard)
  • Daniel Ineichen (Head of ILS Portfolio Management, Schroders)
  • Anette Andersson (ESG Investment Specialist, SEB Investment Management )
  • Martin Sanders (CIO, Altis Investment Management)
  • Hans de Ruiter (CIO, TNO Pension Fund)
  • Paul van Gent (CIO, Corestone)
  • Han Dieperink (CIO, Rabobank)
  • Justus van Halewijn (CIO, SPF Beheer)
  • Stefan Hofrichter (Head of Global Economics & Strategy, Allianz Global Investors)

The official program will follow at the beginning of September.

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