Monex: Amerikaanse inflatie loopt volgens verwachting verder op

Monex: Amerikaanse inflatie loopt volgens verwachting verder op

Hieronder volgt een kort commentaar in het Engels van Bart Hordijk, valuta-analist bij Monex Europe op het vanmiddag gepubliceerde Amerikaanse inflatiecijfer voor februari.

The US Consumer Price Index February reading came in bang in line with expectations; 0.2% month on month growth for the core as well as the headline reading. The year on year reading now stands at 2.2%.

A tiny hickup followed by a modicum of dollar weakness, but nothing to give any fund manager sleepless nights over.

This reading doesn’t change much about what we already know and keeps the Federal Reserve on track for hiking in the Federal Open Market Committee meeting next week on Wednesday. One of the main reasons for this is undoubtedly that year on year inflation currently is above the 2% Fed target. There is even an off chance (16% implied by future markets, see chart below) the FOMC increases the rate by 50 basis points instead of 25 basis points in the coming meeting.


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