May 29: Seminar what’s next for Factor Investing in Equities & Fixed Income?

Seminar what’s next for Factor Investing in Equities & Fixed Income?
6 years of Factor Investing: lessons learned from pioneers & practitioners!
May 29, 2018, from 12:00 – 5:30pm
Achmea Investment Management, Zeist

In 2012 Financial Investigator organized her first seminar on Factor Investing/Smart Beta. We then invited the Factor Investing/Smart Beta pioneers from the first hour. What are the lessons learned over the last 6 years with respect to Factor Investing? What factors generate return? Where do we stand? How to apply an integrated approach in Factor Investing? How to better design your Factor Investing approach? How to incorporate Factor Investing into your investment portfolio? From pioneer to mainstream: what challenges do you encounter? Evolution: Is ESG a factor as well?

Please mark your calendars and come join us at our Seminar on Factor Investing in Equities & Fixed Income in Zeist on May 29, 2018 from 12:00 until 5:30pm, followed by a networking reception. Top speakers will share their views with you via various breakout sessions that can be chosen from. Gerben Jorritsma (Global Head of Investments, ABN AMRO Bank) will be chairing this event.

Key note speakers will include amongst others:

  • Martin Sanders (Managing Director, Altis Investment Management)
  • Jason Hsu, PhD (Founder and CIO, Rayliant Global Advisors)
  • Marlies van Boven, PhD (Managing Director in the Research Analytics team, FTSE Russell)
  • Tarek Eldin, PhD (Head of Research, Geode Capital Management, exclusive access via Fidelity International)
  • Mark Fitzgerald (Head of Equity Product Management, Vanguard Europe)
  • Michael Fraikin (Global Head of Research, Invesco Quant Strategies)
  • Ben Goetsch (Vice President, Equity Strategist, Northern Trust Asset Management)
  • Ferdinand Haas (Managing Director, Global Head of Investment Specialists, Deutsche Asset Management)
  • Joop Huij, PhD (Head of Factor Investing Research, Robeco)
  • Vitali Kalesnik, PhD (Director, Head of Equity Research, Research Affiliates)
  • Erik Mulder (Portfolio Manager Best Styles, Allianz Global Investors)
  • Scott Richardson (Principal, AQR)
  • David Schofield (President, Intech International (Janus Henderson))
  • Philippe Vannerem, PhD (Associate Partner, Portfolio Manager in Fixed Income, Quoniam)
  • Peter Wesselius (Portfolio Manager, Achmea Investment Management)

The official program, where you can choose which breakout sessions you like to attend, will follow at the end of March.

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