About Pension fund seminar 'Sustainable Investing in Real Assets under the new Pension Contract'

Pension fund seminar 'Sustainable Investing in Real Assets under the new Pension Contract'

On Wednesday, June 23, the seminar 'Sustainable Investment in Real Assets under the New Pension Contract' will take place, chaired by Wietse de Vries, Partner, Almazara | Real Assets Advisory.

During this event the following questions will be discussed:

  • What is the impact of SFDR on Real Assets?
  • What is the impact of the Corona pandemic on the ESG policies of pension funds?
  • What is the impact of the new Pension Contract on Real Assets?
  • How can the SDGs to which the pension fund is committed be translated into SRI policy for Real Assets?
  • How should pension funds formulate their SRI policy?
  • What specific environmental and social objectives for real assets should at least be included?
  • How can the annual GRESB results be used to measure whether the SRI policy regarding real assets is being implemented and the objectives achieved?
  • What steps can be taken to achieve net-zero emissions for the Real Assets portfolio?
  • Are there enough opportunities to actually implement an impact investing strategy in real assets?
  • How do pension funds deal with climate risk?

Keynote speakers during the Live Broadcast include:

  • Vincent van Bijleveld, Director Sustainable Investing and Senior Advisor, Finance Ideas
  • Dan Grandage, Head of ESG, Private Markets & Real Estate, Aberdeen Standard Investments
  • Casper van Grieken, Executive Director, CBRE
  • Erik Hulshof, Pension fund board member, Advisor, different pension funds
  • Bernardo Korenberg, Head of Sustainability & Innovation, Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors
  • Barbara Maltha-Koppelman, Director, CBRE Capital Advisors
  • Samantha Steele, Director, Investment Research, Private Markets, Russell Investments
  • Jeroen van der Put, Pension fund board member, different pension funds, Chair of the  Committee Risk Management, Pensioenfederatie



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