About Live Broadcast 'Supertrends & Disruptive Innovation in Asset Management post-Covid-19'

Live Broadcast 'Supertrends & Disruptive Innovation in Asset Management post-Covid-19'

As a Family Office, how to respond to today's trends in a rapidly changing world? How to prepare your portfolio for the post-COVID-19 world? What will be the result of the unprecedented shutdowns of economic activity and the fusion of monetary and fiscal policymaking from a macroeconomic point of view? Where to find yield in the current market?

What to expect from technology as a disruptor? How to position your investments with climate change in mind? What opportunities does the energy transition present itself? What will be the role of private markets in a post-COVID-19 world?

These and other relevant topical questions will be addressed during a Live Broadcast on Tuesday 13 April from 2:00pm to 5:00pm

The Live Broadcast for investment professionals working at Family Offices is chaired by Fons Lute, independent Investment Consultant at Asset Ideas. 

Keynote speakers during the Live Broadcast include:

  • Jan Loeys, Managing Director and Long-Term Strategist, Global Research, J.P. Morgan
  • Anjali Bastianpillai, Senior Product Specialist, Pictet Asset Management
  • Sebastiaan Masselink, Senior Investment Manager Impact Investing, ACTIAM
  • Toby Gibb, Head of Investment Directing, Equities, Fidelity International
  • Paul van Hastenberg, Partner, Clavis
  • Edward Niehoff, CEO, Anthos Private Wealth Management
  • Rob van Oostveen, Managing Director and CIO, Janivo 

Jan-Paul van der Ent, Investment Advisor, Sophister.nl, will act as expert panelist.


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