About ESG Factor Investing: Myth or Reality?

ESG Factor Investing: Myth or Reality?

Style factors and socially responsible (SRI) investment play an increasingly important role in the investment portfolio. As a trustee, you are expected to give direction to the investments. You are expected to be able to ask relevant questions and to have a grip on the risk profile of the investment portfolio. During this meeting, we aim to provide you with practical guidance with regard to a number of relevant questions:

  • What has 7 years of factor investing brought us? 
  • Is there such a thing as an ESG factor?
  • How does ESG relate to factor investing?
  • Which style factors are important in ESG?
  • How do you combine style factors and ESG and what benefits/disadvantages does this have?
  • Which benchmark can you use when integrating style factors and factor investing?
  • How do you implement factor investing in the various investment categories?

On Monday 11 November from 12.00 to 17.00 hrs. the following experts, among others, will answer these questions under the leadership of chairman Roland van den Brink, founder TrigNum:

  • Marlies van Boven, PhD, Managing Director Research & Analytics, FTSE Russell
  • Jason Hsu, PhD, Chairman and CIO, Rayliant Global Advisors
  • Paul van Gent, CIO, Corestone IM
  • Gerben de Zwart, PhD, Managing Director Quantitative Strategies, APG
  • Philip Menco, Principal, Fortunis
  • Patrick Groenendijk, PhD, Head of Fiduciary Advice, PGGM
  • Mark Fitzgerald, Head of  ETF Product Management in Europe, Vanguard
  • Wilco van Heteren, Team Lead ESG Analytics, Sustainalytics

An important part of this afternoon will be the breakout sessions that offer you the opportunity to attend the presentations that you find interesting. The afternoon ends with a snack and a drink.

The educational meeting aims to bring together directors and employees of executive agencies:

  • Deepening the conversation.
  • Offer practical handles that can be used immediately.

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