About Seminar 'Geopolitical Turmoil & High Inflation: How to position your portfolio for 2023 and beyond'

Seminar 'Geopolitical Turmoil & High Inflation: How to position your portfolio for 2023 and beyond'

How will a looming recession, high inflation and geopolitical turmoil affect the investment outlook for 2023 and beyond? Which asset classes will be most impacted? Should you adjust your portfolio?

On Thursday 10 November 2022, Financial Investigator is hosting an educational seminar on the influence geopolitical developments will have on various asset classes and how to position your portfolio for 2023 and beyond.

The seminar will be led by Kees Verbaas, Global Head of Fundamental Equity at Robeco.

Top speakers will share their views with you, including:

  • Han Dieperink, Chief Investment Strategist, Auréus
  • Thomas Haugaard, Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Debt Hard Currency, Janus Henderson Investors
  • Martyn Hole, Equity Investment Director, Capital Group
  • Bob Homan, CIO, ING Investment Office
  • Volkert de Klerk, CIO, Roots Investments
  • Joseph Little, Global Chief Strategist, HSBC Asset Management
  • Edin Mujagić, Chief Economist, OHV Wealth Management
  • Katharine Neiss, Chief European Economist, PGIM Fixed Income
  • Steven Oh, CFA, Global Head of Credit and Fixed Income, PineBridge Investments
  • Roelof Salomons, Professor Investment Theory and Asset Management, University of Groningen, Independent Investment Consultant, Member various investment committees
  • Hans Stegeman, Chief investment Strategist, Triodos Investment Management
  • Ralph Wessels, Chief Investment Strategist, ABN AMRO


Participation is open to buyside investment professionals, such as fund selectors and investment advisors working for pension funds, fiduciary managers, family offices, consultancy firms, banks, insurers or independent asset managers.

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