Alternatives 4 Children brings you: Legends 4 Legends 

Alternatives 4 Children brings you: Legends 4 Legends 

Alternatives 4 Children brings you: Legends 4 Legends  – with an EYE on the Future at the Amsterdam EYE Museum, Thursday 28th September 2016 – 9:00 – 18:00.


Alternatives 4 Children, the leading Charity in the Netherlands of the investment industry, brings you a unique investment conference presenting you the investment Legends of today, the Legends of tomorrow with the aim of building a legend for Children.

Based on our experience and knowledge we will be organizing an investor event where you will be able to hear from leading investment legends.  Figure out how to navigate the markets from leading legends. We will also be organizing the first alternative investment awards which will focus on operational best practices, ESG criteria as well as performance as selection criteria. We want to show that the alternative investment industry is a force for good, and that the industry has evolved to adopt better practices and that we care by raising money for Alternatives 4 Children.

We have capacity for a maximum of 350 people.

Why attend?

For international investors to hear from some of the world’s leading alternative investment ‘legends’.

  • How should you position your portfolio for the last quarter?
  • Prepare your views on the markets for 2017?
  • Learn from some of the smartest investors in the world on how they are positioning themselves
  • ... as well as hear from others and swap ideas, gain new insights to different strategies.
  • What should you do with your portfolio in these turbulent times?
  • Pick up the latest investment ideas and opportunities!
  • Understand how Dutch (and other) institutions are investing and how to approach the Dutch market
  • Educate yourself on what alternative investments can offer your portfolio
  • No sales pitches … just pure legendary content!

In addition, it is a great opportunity:

For managers to meet investors and swap ideas, as well as to present themselves and network in a professional environment.  We will also have significant media opportunities available. We also want to promote best practices, transparency and to show that the industry can evolve and improve. It is an opportunity to network and meet.  Investors to meet managers.  Managers to meet investors.  Service providers to meet managers and investors. At the same time, we will raise money for Alternatives 4 Children.

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